by Tom Bedford

I’ve updated my website to better reflect my skillset and the services I currently offer. The focus was on:

1. Current Work

I offer a range of different services including consultant work, full website builds and have recently started exploring eBook publishing. I enjoy all three as I get the pleasure of talking to people with knowledge in many different industries. It also keeps the work varied allowing me to continue learning new skills.

My new site shows the different types of services I offer along with recent examples. I will be putting together some in depth case studies on a few projects and posting them up here on the blog.

2. Writing

I look things up. If I can’t do something I search for it and learn how. I think it’s time to share my own experiences with web development and write some tutorials. I’ll also be able to use the blog to talk about different side projects that I’m working on.

3. Audiences

There are a few different groups of people who look at my site. Potential clients are referred here, either having been recommended or clicking a link on a site I’ve made. Developers come in to have a nose around what I’m up to after seeing me posting on forums, Twitter or again from a link on one of my sites.

A big problem with my old site was that it was more of a technical resume, great for other developers, but not necessarily useful for potential clients.


I made the previous version of this site a little over 2 years ago and aside from swapping around colours and occasionally updating my portfolio it was untouched. I would often start to mock-up a new version, leave it for a few months, scrap what I had done and restart. Why did I stop? I had work come in, other personal projects I was invested in, loads of reasons. I wanted the update to be “perfect” and as a result it never shipped.

Things needed to change so I designed and developed this new version of the site in a couple of evenings over the last few weeks. It’s not perfect, this isn’t even a real blog yet - I can’t add new posts, this text is regular markup in a file it is now. The site is up though and what’s here is more useful than the previous version. I can build on it.


Over the next year I will make a foray into selling digital products as well as expanding my service business. The first is a Kindle edition of Christine’s Andro Comic that we hope to launch soon.