Hundreds and Thousands

by Tom Bedford

During the last few years the bulk of my work has been for small businesses with websites serving a few hundred to a couple of thousand visitors. It’s easy to comprehend the scale of this work. I can visit the business owner, see how they operate and determine the benefits which I can provide. I feel great responsibility towards these clients - the work I do has a direct impact on their income as well as how they are perceived by their customers.

I’ve always been resolute in my concern for the experience someone will have when using a website. Is it easy to navigate? Does it load fast? How does it look on a small screen? What happens if the user has a computer and web browser from 10 years ago? I test these variables methodically, it’s part of how I work.

In early 2014 I began partnering with agencies on larger projects. The pace and variety of work was immediately compelling. The change in scale was most striking to me. I was no longer the sole provider of design, development and delivery on one or two sites at a time. I am now part of a machine developing bits and pieces that are distributed all over the web and reaching an audience several hundredfold greater than previously.

Coming into 2015 I’m spending the majority of my time working for one agency. It is exhilarating yet I am acutely aware of my duty to the people who will use the websites I develop, both to consume and create content.